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Lowes Circular Saw Accessories – EZSMART Track Saw System 108″

Thanks to seeing this page. For any individual who is trying to find the finest Circular Saw Accessories products and reliable, we advise EZSMART Track Saw System 108″ as the best option for you to have a budget friendly cost and great quality. To guarantee you get the optimum take advantage of this item, following a review of EZSMART Track Saw System 108″.

Features and Specifications: EZSMART Track Saw System 108″

  • Works with 99.9% of right or left hand blade saws, For saws with blades 6 ½ , 7 ¼ or 8 ¼ inch.
  • Provides safe, straight precise cuts on or off the guide rail.
  • Replaceable zero clearance anti-chip edge, Cuts at 90 degrees or beveled.
  • Clean splinter free cuts, Patented dual sided track, cuts in both directions.
  • Lightweight yet rugged for jobsite portability.

Your circular saw moves in a straight line along the EZSMART Guide Rail, you are in complete control, the cut is clean, chip free, and right on the mark. You will feel confident and safe using your circular saw when mounted on the EZSMART Universal Saw Base, as it glides along the EZSMART Guide Rail. You will be able to make long precise rip cuts, cross cuts, angle cuts, at 90 degrees or beveled, in both directions, while all the time the wood is being held captive under the EZSMART Guide Rail eliminating the potential of dangerous “Kick Back”. The EZSMART Guide Rail, fitted with the EZSMART Anti-Chip Edge, works in conjunction with Anti-Chip Inserts on the EZSMART Universal Saw Base, to provide zero clearance at each side of the blade, resulting in clean splinter free cuts. In addition to these features, when used off the EZSMART Guide Rail, protection from dangerous Anti-Kickback is provided by EZSMART Anti-Kickback Fin that acts like a riving knife to hold the material open and prevent binding. The real test of a Track Saw System is how well it performs on small and narrow boards, or, where the cuts are too wide for your miter saw and too long for free hand. Using the included low profile, adjustable, EZSMART Smart Clamps, you can secure small boards under the guide rail, in any position or at any angle you need to make your cut, or, secure the track to larger material for longer cuts. Manufactured from high grade aluminum ensures the EZSMART Guide Rail is lightweight for portability yet this geometrically designed extrusion provides rigid, no twist stability making it a true job site portable option over a table or miter saw. Owning the EZSMART Track Saw System introduces you to many more innovative and labor saving accessories that are all designed to work seamlessly together, allowing you to grow your system to accommodate your woodworking needs.

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Make sure you purchase the finest quality products at unique costs if you are interested in buying this item. Before you purchase make certain you buy it at the store that has a good credibility and good service. Thank you for visiting this page, we hope it can assist you to acquire info of EZSMART Track Saw System 108″.

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