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Cheap Hand Files – Nicholson 5 Piece General Purpose Hand File Set

Thank you for visiting this blog. For any individual who is trying to find the very best Hand Files products and trustworthy, we advise Nicholson 5 Piece General Purpose Hand File Set as the right choice for you to have an economical cost and good quality. To guarantee you get the maximum gain from this item, following a review of Nicholson 5 Piece General Purpose Hand File Set.

Features and Specifications: Nicholson 5 Piece General Purpose Hand File Set

  • Set of 5 American pattern hand files includes taper, mill, and half-round cross-section files for shaping, sharpening, and removing material in a range of applications
  • Bastard and smooth coarseness, and single and double cuts contained in the set for various degrees of material removal
  • High-carbon steel construction is strong and durable for extended tool life
  • Various lengths are included for proper reach
  • Plastic pouch with labeled compartments is included for tool identification and organization
  • Complete set of 5 files and file cleaner fits easily and securely into a rugged compact pouch.

The Nicholson 22040N 5-piece American pattern hand file set includes an assortment of file profiles, cuts, and lengths for shaping, sharpening, and removing material. The set includes a 6″/150 mm slim taper, 8″/200 mm mill smooth, 8″/200 mm mill bastard, 10″/250 mm mill bastard, and 10″/250 mm half-round bastard file. The bastard files enable heavy material removal when finish is not a concern, and the smooth files have fine teeth that create a smooth finish. The files have single-cut faces for use with light pressure, except for the half-round file which has double-cut round and flat sides. The files are made from high-carbon steel for high strength and durability. The set comes in a red plastic pouch with each compartment labeled with the file length, shape, and coarseness.

Assortment Contents

Slim taper file

  • Length: 6″/150 mm
  • Cross-section shape: Triangle
  • Cut: Single cut on all faces
  • Application: For deepening curved spaces between handsaw teeth that are at a 60-degree angle and measure 7 or 8 teeth per inch
Mill files (3)

  • Lengths: (2) 8″/200 mm and (1) 10″/250 mm
  • Cross-section shape: Tapered rectangle
  • Cut: Single cut on faces and edges
  • Coarseness: Bastard cut, except one 8″/200 mm is smooth cut
  • Application: For sharpening mill or circular saws, and creating fine finishes on metals
Half-round file

  • Length: 10″/250 mm
  • Cross-section shape: Half circle
  • Cut: Double cut on round and flat side
  • Coarseness: Bastard cut
  • Application: For removing material from both curved and flat surfaces

Files are toothed tools that offer a controlled way to remove material from intricate shapes. The shape of the object being filed establishes which file shape and length should be used. For example, a round file is recommended when filing concave surfaces or enlarging holes. File length measures the cutting face and does not include the handle or tang. The cut and coarseness of the file determines how much material will be removed with each stroke. A single-cut file has parallel rows of teeth covering its face, removing small amounts of material with light pressure to create a fine finish. A double-cut file has similar teeth as a single-cut file but is overlaid with a second set of parallel teeth facing the opposite direction. This second set of teeth increases the amount of material removed with each pass, generates a rougher finish, and requires heavier pressure than a single-cut file. A rasp-cut file has individually formed teeth that are raised above the tool’s surface for removing large amounts of material from wood, aluminum, lead, and other soft materials. A curved-cut file has teeth arranged in parallel semicircles across the face of the file and is most commonly used for auto body projects. Most files are classified as American pattern or Swiss pattern, and each has their own coarseness rating system. American pattern files are rated bastard (coarse) cut, second (semi-smooth) cut, and smooth cut. Swiss pattern files are recommended for precision applications and have a larger rating scale from coarse (00) to extra smooth (6).

Nicholson manufactures hand tools and power tool accessories. The company is headquartered in Sparks, MD.

What’s in the Box?
  • 6″/150 mm slim taper file
  • 8″/200 mm mill smooth file
  • 8″/200 mm mill bastard file
  • 10″/250 mm mill bastard file
  • 10″/250 mm half-round bastard file
  • Plastic pouch

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